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About company

About company

«AMASC» Company was founded in 2013.

We propose modern equipment and effective solutions in the following lines of activity:

-Automation systems;

-the energy sector

During the operation of the company, partnerships have been established with the biggest OEMs. The Supply Program includes thousands of names of products: from the microelectronic components to the full-featured systems. Such a wide range gives you a free choice when implementing your projects.

Warehousing and Delivery

We have our own warehouse with constantly renewed stocks of equipment. The location of storage facilities in the same area with our office makes it possible to execute the most part of orders in the shortest possible time. We offer a scheduled product purchasing and stock reserving system to our regular customers. Moreover, You don’t need to come to our warehouse, the order delivery «to your door» is an effective way to receive your order in your office or site that can reduce time expenditures and receive equipment in good time.

Technical Support

Acquiring equipment from our company, you can be confident in the obtaining of expert assistance at any stage of the project implementation. The skilled engineers are prepared at all times to promptly answer any questions that arise and to propose a wide choice of free-of-charge technical literature and catalogues. Taking into account and responding to the client desires, the technical support personnel can provide a visiting technical technical consultation and adjustment of the equipment onsite.

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